The specs 1000 square feet includes showcases, a private office, a jeweler’s area complete with manufacturing, laser welding and polishing facilities, a lunch space, plus an ADA-compliant bathroom.

The Client’s Challenge Kelly Jensen liked his store location but he needed more running feet of showcase and more amenities than his 10-year old store provided. “Downtown Sammamish has very little available retail space; I was worried that I’d have to move. When I approached GRID they promised me everything I wanted was possible.”

The GRID/3 solution Keith Kovar utilized the curve to maximize the space available in an almost square space, designing custom-made curvilinear showcases, which fit into the existing space precisely. He repeated the curve in the ceiling. “I used the space efficiently by planning everything down to the last inch, working closely with Kelly to ensure he got what he wanted.”

Final word The fascinating environment wastes no space without appearing crowded. Everything fits and works. Kelly is thrilled.

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