The Specs: This is a 25 story building in the garment district in NY.  WORTH occupies most of the 23rd  floor. The showroom we designed is 2000 square feet, the elevator lobby is 500 as are the private offices.

Client Challenge: WORTH is the headquarters for a personal shopping fashion house in New York’s Garment district.  Their clothes are runway inspired and veer towards luxury.  Design spaces for executive offices, a lobby and a design studio with spaces for hundreds of swatches, books and accessories. Maximize daylight. Be environmentally friendly.

Grid 3 Solution: The large windows, an architectural plus in loft-like spaces provide daylight for the designers who create the twice-annual collections. Environmentally friendly materials: bio-based flooring, no VOC emitting paint, and aluminum drapery provide rich texture for the minimalist palette. Energy-efficient lighting with uses 1.5 watts per foot, rendering the color of the fabrics and clothing as near to daylight as possible.

 Final word: Designers pull from inspiration and their surroundings. WORTH designers have a home that provides both.  Like WORTH fashion natural materials and elegant design provide a distinctive brand statement.

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