GRID/3 International partners—Ruth Mellergaard and Keith Kovar—worked as interior designers for 30 years in New York City. Design and planning are problem-solving exercises for us.  Last year we decided that we needed a change – we wanted a city with lower overhead, a good airport and closer to our country house in Canada – we chose Detroit and here we are!

At GRID/3, we are really good at doing three things.

First is listening. We ask a few basic questions of you and then we listen to your reply, your vision, your hopes, your likes and dislikes, your restraints, your timetable and most of all, your expectations and the emotions you want to evoke in your staff and in your customers.  Your answers to these questions form the core components of our task together.

Second is understanding our role in your project. At GRID/3, our task is to translate your vision into reality – to create a custom solution for your store Layout problem, your store Lighting problem, your store Design issues.. You get the benefit of our ideas, opinions and skills without having to deal with our egos. We never forget that it is your project.

Third is creation. Once we know your desires, we go to work to create your custom solution. We know all the best sources of materials and labor to build the environment you seek. We care about our world and its limited resources so we specify environmentally friendly materials, light sources and “green” solutions.  Using CAD for drawings plus email, text, phone and overnight delivery as communication tools, we create a custom solution for you.

Call or text us today at 212.391.1162 to start creating your custom solution.

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We look forward to hearing from you.
GRID 3 International,
1938 Franklin Street
Suite 202
Detroit, MI 48207

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